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Web Design Services
I provide a full range of website design, support and maintenance services.
Whether your present image is IN YOUR FACE or more laid back you can rely on me to find the most effective on-line presentation for your business or organisational needs.

Web Hosting
I now offer web hosting at a competitive price.
For Charges and Terms & Conditions please see relevant pages.

A / V Support
Use audio / video player to greet and inform your clients.

Secure Pages
Login using secure encrypted access to a 'private members' site.

Interactive Pages
I offer interactive pages for message boards, customer feedback etc. etc.
See demo of my MEMBERS' FORUM pages

Design Partnership
It is important for me to fully consult with you on all aspects of the design and build process.
You must feel assured that your website will completely represent your business or organisational needs.
I call this a Design Partnership.

Custom Design
A website designed and built exclusively for you may be more effective, more reliable and give greater satisfaction than an off-the-peg website.
All of my websites are custom Designed (Bespoke), they are developed and built to the highest standards of effectiveness and reliability.

Site Maintenance
Whatever the size of your business - your clients will always want your most recent information on prices and services, and your latest deals and special offers.
I provide a maintenance service that can relieve you of that chore and allow you the time to focus on managing your business.

Site Reconditioning
If over time your website has developed a few dead links, and perhaps some other minor problems, it might be suitable for reconditioning
I offer a reconditioning service that may be a faster and less costly option than developing a brand new site.

Web Copywriting
Text written for the web needs to be sharp and to the point.
People want you to provide the maximum information - presented with the greatest clarity.
I may use your existing publicity or create new copy for your website.

Search Engines
Although there is no magic formulae to guarantee favourable search engine response, I am able to provide positive and relevant keywords for your site.
I can also promote your site using 'AdWords' and other similar commercial services.

Full Testing
Before delivery my websites are tested thoroughly both in-house and on-line. My designs are intended to work across different browsers and with different configurations.
Not everyone uses broadband or the latest high spec PC.

Support Service
My support service (not 24/7) provides short-term and long-term help and advice to my clients with new websites.
I also offer help and advice to others who may have a website problem.
For Charges and Terms & Conditions please see relevant pages.

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