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• Do you need a Members Forum for your club or organisation?

• Do you want a Customer Feedback page on your website?

• Do your on-line customers need their own Message Board?

My MEMBERS FORUM pages can be tailored to fulfil these rolls and turn your website into a valuable resource for you and for your members & clients.

What is a Forum?
A web-based Forum contains a set of pages incorporating special interactive software. This software allows the main content of these pages to be directly uploaded to the website by each / all of the individual, registered members.

Most websites can only have the content of their pages updated by the web-designer or by the company who is managing the site.

Who can view these pages?
Access to the Forum can be restricted to 'members only'. This restriction is necessary when the site is a private chat room. On the other hand, a Question and Answer site may also provide a public page, where anyone can view the content, but you will need to register with the site before uploading a question or responding with an answer.

How do you 'login' to a Forum?
I provide a simple Login page asking registered members to enter their Username and Password. When the correct details are entered and recognised by the site, the member is given full access to viewing all its pages and for adding their own content.

If the member enters their login information incorrectly the system will refuse access and invite the member to try again.

Screen Shots
The following screen shot shows the Forum Main Page.
This is where all the initial Topics are shown

picture of 'Members Forum'

The following screen shot shows a 'Posts' page. This is where a detailed discussion can take place on any of the posted Topics. Furthermore - any of the subjects posted on this page may themselves become the main 'Topic' on another 'posts' page.

picture of 'Members Forum'

The following screen shot shows a form used to add a new Topic (or Post) to the on-line forum.

Picture of 'add new topic' form.

I normally add a disclaimer to the bottom of each page of the Forum, worded in the following way:
The views and opinions expressed in this Forum are those of the individual contributing members.
They do not necessarily correspond with Your Company policy.

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